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i <3 to cough up testicles. (a wonderful caricature of intimacy)


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hey! i can't really think of much to put here right now, but i love to be random! i'm muslim, bengali, and uhhh...a human bean! yup! i wanna try a tangelo one day (my life goal) and my fingernail polish is so chipping. wee. i have an obsession with viruses, bacteria, immunology, and disease (i think i'm in <3) and i adore adore ADORE fanficcion. 'tis da awesomeness. food is good :) it nourishes your body and soul and it is yummy XD uhhh...charles dickens is fun? he makes good characters? i don't know what else to say!

basically, i is me :) for anyone that actually will read this heehee ^.^

can you tell i is extremely random???